Lock Repair Service Baltimore

Are you having a faulty lock or damaged lock? We at Locksmith services provide repairs and replacements for all kinds of locks, whether it’s a door lock, a window lock, the locks of your garage door, or even your automobile (ignition).

It is not all damaged locks that need replacement; some faulty locks can be fixed with just a little repair, and may not actually need complete replacements. Except in cases where the locks are completely damaged beyond repair, will you be in need of a new lock installation our professional locksmiths will be able to take care of any faulty or damaged lock that may need repairs, replacements, or even an upgrade depending on the type of lock and the extent of the damage.

Locks become faulty or damaged as a result of a burglary or vandalism, or it may just be faulty because the lock is old, and have become worn as a result of overuse, Sometimes it is a lock might become faulty if a key breaks, with a portion of it stuck inside the lock. Whatever the reason for the damage, it is not beyond the skillful hands of our locksmiths.

We handle all types of locks, especially the common types that may include

The mortise lock: A mortise lock can be damaged as a result of vandalism. The bolt may get damaged when the door is forcefully kicked in. If you call a locksmith, the lock can be fixed by either repairing the lock or replacing the lock.

The cylinder rim (Yale lock): A cylinder rim or Yale lock faults can be fixed by repairing or replacing just the barrel which is less expensive than replacing the entire lock.

If you have an upvc lock and you notice that the bolt can slide in the lock position even when the door is open then the lock is faulty and you need to call a locksmith to re-align it. If it’s the mechanism that is faulty then the locksmith will need to replace the mechanism called multi point lock (MPL) completely.

Our services also include

Lock picking: if you are locked out and the key is in the house, one of our locksmiths can help you pick the lock without damaging the lock. If you want to duplicate the key to you house, office or car you will need a locksmith.

Other services include lock repair, lock replacement, key duplication, lock re-keying, lock picking, automotive lock repair, padlock, and security services for both commercial and residential buildings.

We at Locksmith services understand how important security is and can provide high quality locksmith services, so call us if your locks or keys are damaged or faulty.